About Cameron & Kelly




Cameron Clark

Cameron takes care of the principal photography and editing along with sales and marketing. Before moving to Arizona in 2003, she was a staff photojournalist at a newspaper in Athens, Georgia. "My photojournalism roots make me a versatile photographer. I am always chasing the perfect moment with perfect composition and I love photographing restaurants with a dose of reality. Photography is the greatest and only job I've ever had. I live in downtown Flagstaff with my husband, Matt, and our kids: Owen age 8, Harper age 6 and Kaibee, our mixed breed furball." 

Jamelle Kelly

Jamelle is an excellent photographer and the brains behind the CK lighting techniques, post production, and Photoshop magic. Jamelle takes her own assignments and assists Cameron on larger jobs. "My photography career started as an undergraduate at NAU, and I'm just got my masters in Photography from the Art Insitute. I am happily married and recently realized that our two children, Naomi and Blair, are seventh generation Flagstaff natives! I love my work as a photographer and the constant challenge of learning and growing with the technology. The goal is to work hard and play hard!"

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